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What can Invisalign in Shepperton do for me?

We at Shepperton Dental Care understand that fixing your teeth, while remaining discreet about it, is very important to those of you who are perhaps feeling the pressure of living in this image-obsessed society. If you’re a young adult who never got the opportunity when you were younger to straighten your growing teeth and now feel embarrassed by a crooked smile, don’t worry, you’re not the only one and with Invisalign in Shepperton, these problems are easily resolved.

Fixing your crooked teeth

We understand that most adults will never even consider the daunting option of getting traditional braces, because it takes too long and is unsightly to say the lease. You don’t want to be accidentally tagged on social media with an embarrassing metal grin nor do you want to go on a date with one either and this is where Invisalign in Shepperton comes in. The name speaks for itself, it really is as simple as something that is practically invisible that aligns your teeth, and the best part is, treatment can take less than a year.

When your teeth are straight you are better able to ensure proper cleaning rather than if they are crooked and overlapping, because brushing and flossing are that much more effective. When you are able to clean your teeth correctly, you stand far less chance of plaque build-up which causes gum disease and tooth decay, meaning that the long term results of having straight teeth can benefit your overall health, and having a pleasing and straight smile can give an immediate boost in confidence:

The psychology behind having straight teeth

According to psychological studies in 2012, self-confidence can have an immediate boost when one goes from having crooked teeth to having an aesthetically pleasing smile, but it can also have a direct effect on how those around you unconsciously respond to you. The study noted that someone with straight teeth is perceived as a person who is possibly smarter, can get more dates and have more professional success than those with skewed teeth. Whether or not this is true is, of course, debatable, who’s to say that a complete scoundrel doesn’t have a perfect smile? But these perceptions are unconscious and are all a part of that all important first impression.

The treatment process

Invisalign in Shepperton will require a visit to our dentist who will then take a 3D digital scan of your teeth, after which a computer will use an algorithm to calculate how your teeth will shift and align over time. A laboratory will then make a set of invisible and customised aligners that will fit over your teeth, these aligners need to be changed every 1-2 weeks by yourself and at your own convenience, making them very versatile and able to fit into your lifestyle.

This treatment can not only treat tooth alignment issues but malocclusions too, like open bites, underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Different aligners treat different types of problems and your dentist will be able to advise you on the best option for your particular problem.