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Invisalign in Shepperton for teens

With nearly all teenagers having access to social media today there has become an increasing desire among these youngsters to fit a certain image, whether it be pressure from peers or comparing themselves to adults that they see online. The fact remains; straight teeth are a big part of the ‘glow-up’ - this is what they are calling the transition from awkward early teen phase to early adulthood - and while some may still be content to wear a set of metal tracks for 2 years to ensure a straighter smile others may deem this as unacceptable to their personal brand. We at Shepperton Dental Care understand how important a good online image is today, which is why we offer Invisalign in Shepperton to teens to help them achieve the ultimate glow-up.

Growing teeth

It is common for teeth to grow at different angles in the teen years, these teeth that are developing are the permanent teeth they will have in adulthood and by adolescence, the baby teeth will have all fallen out to make space for these new teeth. It may be that your teen will grow out their wisdom teeth too, in some cases, these will need to be removed to make space for the other teeth to fit neatly next to one another without overcrowding. Due to the fact that the jawbone and teeth of teens are still developing it puts them at the best position for orthodontic care as a good appliance will easily glide the already shifting teeth into place much easier than adults who have had their teeth position set for many years.

With Invisalign in Shepperton, teens can enjoy the results of orthodontic treatment in far less time than they would have to endure traditional braces thus fulfilling their need for instant gratification much easier. Due to the fact that the appliance is invisible, they stand far less chance of teasing or personal embarrassment because their peers won’t even notice they have anything in their mouth.

How it works

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that gently pushes teeth into place in a short amount of time, while traditional braces pull them into place over a longer period. At a consultation appointment for orthodontia, a 3D digital scan will be taken of the teeth and mouth, which means that no one has to endure biting down on a gooey mould, so we are already off to a good start. Once the painless scan is complete, the information it provides is analyzed by a computer and it is sent off to a lab, this information calculates how the teeth will shift in increments over time and so a set of clear aligners can be made custom to each individual’s needs. These aligners are then sent as a set to the patient to be changed every 1-2 weeks for the duration of the treatment. This can be done at home which means that you don’t have to drive your teen to the dentist every few weeks for adjustments. With Invisalign in Shepperton, you can ensure the healthy growth of your teen’s teeth that fits into a budget as easily as it fits into your lifestyle.